Food safety

  • DEVELOPMENT of Food manual (Food safety Management System / Policies and Plans).
  • IMPLEMENTATION of all the above
  • IN-HOUSE TRAINING with the certifications (e.g.: Basic food hygiene refreshing training, basic and advanced levels of food safety, HACCP together with implementation plus Person – in – Charge (PIC) training courses)
  • INSPECTION VISITS AND REPORTING frequency depends on the contracts

Occupational Health and safety

  • Development of
    • Emergency plan and procedures
    • Investigation procedures
    • Monitoring programs that include proactive and pre active measures
    • Individual check lists for all activities in workplace based on National and International standards
    • Operational control procedures
  • Demobilization and de commissioning after completion of contracts
  • System management policies and objectives
  • Requirement for contractors based on the scope of work
    • Evaluation process
    • Policy
    • Procedures
    • Performance
    • Incident report
    • Recommendation report
  • Contract agreement
  • Communication of other information about employer policy
  • Monitor contractors performance based on OSH requirement (list of legal requirement)
  • Carry out a training need analysis “Develop Training Materials based on training need analysis”
  • 54 different Topics covered under those Code of Practice

Animal production

  • Technical advice of all AP activities
  • Management of existing AP farms
  • Recommendation for suitable AP systems

Environmental management

Provide global advice and support on a wide range of strategic and site specific environmental issues

Insect and Pest Control

  • Feasibility studies on insects and pest control projects, creation and establishment of companies (like – setting goals, designing and proposing functional structures, cost studies, advertisements and promotions etc.)
  • Consultancy services for
    • Techniques and technology related to insects and pest control
    • Registration and supply of pesticides and materials used in insects and pest control
    • Audit and audit requirements
    • Work and risk assessments
    • Partnership relations and agreement formation with local, regional and international companies
    • Designing plans, programs and proposals on the implementation of special solutions for insects and pests control activities.



  • Basic Food Hygiene
  • Award in Food Safety Logistics
  • Award in Food Safety for Manufacturing
  • Award in Food Safety for retails
  • Award in Food Safety in Catering
  • Award in Food Safety in Catering Refresher
  • Award in Food Safety in Manufacturing Refresher
  • Award in Food Safety in Retail Refresher
  • Person In Charge (PIC)
  • Inspection and Auditing Skills


  • CIEH Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • CIEH Award in Health and Safety in Workplace Refresher
  • Accident Investigation
  • Fire Safety
  • Work place Risk Assessment
  • First Aid


  • Environmental Planning
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA)
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Economics
  • Environmental Inspection
  • ECO – Tourism
  • Environmental Mass Media
  • Environmental Laws
  • International Environmental Conventions
  • Environmental Education


  • Aquaculture Farming
  • Bees Honey Production
  • Sampling
  • Essential Food Safety Training Course (EFST)
  • AP Systems
  • Poultry Production
  • Meat Production
  • Dairy Production


  • Introduction of pest and pest control
  • Life Cycle & Seasons of Pest and spread of Public Health Pest
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Breeding Site & Habitats of Public Health Pest
  • Pest Survey and Inspection Skills
  • Public Health Pest Collection Methods
  • Best Methods of Pest Control
  • Emergency of Pest Control
  • Insects & Pest Collection Methods
  • Public Awareness and Education in Pest Control Field