Environment Planning Gives decision makers and learners understanding of managing relationship between and within natural system and human system. 2 days
Environmental Management Highlight all element of environmental policy that should be covered and adopted by organizations for environmental protection   1 day
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)  Candidate will understands the process of evaluating the likely environmental impacts of a proposed project or development 2 days
Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) Candidate will learn how to estimate the likelihood or probability of an adverse outcome or event due to pressures or changes in environmental conditions resulting from human activities. 2 days
Environmental Awareness Gives a thorough understanding of the environmental threats and who we can increase the level of awareness for the future of our children.  1 day
Environmental Policy Covers what environmental policy is, what are the benefits and who should develop it, what should be included or excluded.  1 day
Environmental Inspection and Auditing Gives an insight into the environmental inspection and auditing process. Covering all components and information about sampling, photographing during inspection.  1 day
Eco-Tourism Cover the main principles of eco-tourism which should be adopted by those who implement, participate in and marketing ecotourism activities. 2 day
International Environmental Conventions Cover the major international environmental conventions 1 day
Environmental Education Individuals will learn how to develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues and have the skills to make informed and responsible decision 2 day